About Us

Thank you for your interest in Moonlight and Magick tours, and congratulations on your commitment to your own journey.

This page is a little about us and what we do, a subject I often find difficult to write about because most of the people who come to us are very intelligent souls, who have a healthy skepticism about advertising claims etc.

On this page we decided to keep it very simple, and very real, in the hope and trust that it will give you a taste of who we are, which to me is worth far more than all the pedigrees, or pieces of paper (even though between us we have a lot of those).

So who are we, and why would you send us your hard earned money, and have us take you on a rollicking adventure through the old country of south west England, then fly up into the wild untamed lands of the Scottish Highlands, with it’s spectacular views, purple heather and great whiskeys.

The answer is fairly simple.

We are a group of five individuals who have a deep love of humanity and a deep compassion for those of us on this journey we call life. All of us have spent many years coming to understand and to live the true nature of who we are. We are not guru’s or sages, just ordinary folk who play their part in this grand tapestry, and share our experience in the best way that we can, so that others can also come to know the true beauty and astounding truth of who they are.

Moonlight and Magick is led by a superb facilitator in Tanmayo Lawson and ably assisted by a dedicated team, who have a great deal of experience in the field of wellness, personal and spiritual development. Who’s role it is to support you on your journey, your inner one as well as your outer one.

Don’t take my word for it though, go to the testimonials page and read what previous participants have to say about their experience, and let them tell you about us.

For the Moonlight and Magick Team.

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