The Moonlight and Magick Tour was for me a wonderful journey to myself, into the depths of my heart. I've long been attracted to the myth of Avalon, King Arthur and the Holy Grail. Voyaging through England meant following this path. Scotland revealed its beauty to me in a very special way to me, it made me cry.

Without doubt, one of the highlights was walking through the fire for my vision at the end of the journey. My vision became clearer with every step I took throughout the trip. I've been walking for freedom and love. This energy sees me through whenever I am thinking of this experience. Much love to Tanmayo for her overflowing love and all the participants that shared the journey so openly we where so lucky to be there.

Alexandra Sabitzer
Lyric poet & adventuress or if you prefer,
Management assistant in a publishing house.


This journey was a highlight of my life, it is hard to describe it with words. All stations touched and moved me deeply.
My life changed wonderfully since the journey, whilst my living circumstances are the same, only I have become far more self aware and see the experience through different eyes and with that everything is much more easy and lightly.

Helga Leitner
Energy Recovery Massage, Regenesis Therapist
Facial Harmony Practitioner and Balancing Trainer


At the end of the trip I wished I could start it again right away to experience exactly the same one more time.”

Dagmar Bock
Facial Harmony Practitioner and Balancing Trainer


Dear Tanmayo and Team,

Thank you so much with all my heart for the Magic Tour 2006 !

I had so many wonderful and deep experiences regarding the hidden and blocked aspects of my soul - I'm now feeling so free !!

And... during the Magick Tour I have finally found a Vision for my life !!

Dr. Klaus Bauer
Real Estate Manager


A journey to places which touched deeply my soul and connected me to my
inner power. I never experienced the flow of love so joyful.

Waltraud Haller-Teutsch
Relexation Educator & Yoga Teacher & Facial Harmony Practitioner / Trainer


It was a journey to myself and opened up new possibilites, mixed with a
lot of fun and love.

Sabine Linscheidt
Information Security Manager & Facial Harmony Practitioner


A fullfilling journey to myself with Highs and Lows, in company of a sensitive and fantastic Crew.

Katharina Loeliger
Accountant/ Facial Harmony Practitioner


A journey to the past that brought a lot of clarity to the here and now. The supporting company of a georgeous crew made this journey a true experience.

Anita Schmid
Physiotherapist/Cosmetik/Facial Harmony Trainer/ Free Energy Trainer


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Best wishes the Magick Crew.
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