The Moonlight and Magick Crew

The crew for your multi-dimensional cosmic exploration of yourself and earth, is a collection of old campaigners, some of then have done a few laps of the galaxy in their time.

In their present incarnation on earth, between them they have almost a century of experience in facilitating groups, organising retreats, and leading teams of people in all sorts of situations.

At a normal retreat it takes a strong team to hold the space for peoples self exploration, take that retreat on the road, and you add a whole new dynamic. Such a journey becomes a strong catalyst for self transformation and in that situation you want to know you are in good hands, and this team is some of the best.

Our commander and chief for this mission is Tanmayo Lawson, a skilled and talented facilitator with more than 25 years experience in facilitating personal and spiritual transformations. The creator of Facial Harmony and a host of other programs, Tanmayo was born and raised in the Scottish Highlands and embodies a love of humanity and of her fellow travelers, as well as a damn fine sense of humor.

First Officer Vera Urqhart is our official crew translator for all of our German travelers. As well as being a talented facilitator, body worker and energy worker extraordinaire, Vera shows that you can do it in style and have a lot of fun at the same time. A deep sense of love and compassion makes her the ideal compliment for Tanmayo. Between the two of them they hold an amazing space for self transformation.

Grounding the crew and keeping everyone on track Bodhi “The Rock” Samyo, is our talented starship pilot, and guest entertainment director. An experienced facilitator, and talented body / energy worker. Samyo ensures that everyone is where they should be, when their supposed to be, even if he has to use his immense energy to carry the bus himself.
Christophe Luchsinger, is our multilingual, inter-galactic, trans-dimensional, press secretary, who does a pretty good job at facilitating change management for large corporate clients, when he is not busy guiding spiritual seekers around the cosmos. Chris brings his energy and talents to our skilled team, and the fact that he is well over 6"4' tall is really useful when we need to find our participants in a crowd.
And last but by no means least Tony Lawson is our superb logistics expert, with 26 years in the British Army Royal Engineers, if we need to lift it, move it, disarm it, or build a bridge over it, he’s our man, and as our resident fire walking instructor, you are never quite sure what surprises he has cooked up for us.
As a team, this group of dedicated individuals create a beautiful space of love, strength, compassion, fire and joyous self exploration. Ensuring that each participant is included and encouraged to make the most of the opportunities presented. They also guarantee as much fun as we can fit in, after all who ever said the spiritual journey was supposed to be serious and boring.

If you have any doubts just read the comments from the participants of last years tour.

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