A Sacred Heart Journey
Gateways to Heaven

It is with some delight that we announce that the portals for the Moonlight and Magick Tour are now open.

The real news is to let you know that we have been drawn to work soul-ly in Scotland! The new dates coincide with the new moon in Sept.

This year 2007 is a year of transfiguration. It is a year to come into your full radiance. As a child of the Universe! It is time to release your self from the fearful ego based perceptions of lack and limitation. And allow the fullness of your illumined mind to guide your experience here in this hologram called life.

As we place our feet on the beloved soil of Scotland we step away from time and encounter eternity. The enchantment of the land invokes in us the truth of our divinity. The beauty reminds us that the only peace we can find is in the heart.

In the highlands, Islands and glens we will commune with the Faery, listen to the wisdom in the whispers of the breeze on the Lochs, and walk the circles of stones to activate our neural pathways with ancient wisdom for modern times. As you travel this timeless land, that holds the secrets beyond time, the peace of the one life infuses your spirit with the truth that your reality can only be one of eternity

This year our trip will start in Inverness and from there we will travel north through
The Highlands and catch the ferry to Orkney where we will visit many beautiful sites including one of the most magnificent stone circles in the UK. The Ring O’Brodgar is one of the most mystical rings and visiting these sites at this time brings us all into alignment with the new energy that is pouring on to the planet, calling us and inviting us to live a life of effortless-ness and celebration.

From there we will return south towards Ullapool with time to visit Loch Broom, to walk in nature to explore sacred caves and waterfalls and cross the water to some hidden treasure as we leisurely wend our way down the west coast, taking time out to eat delicious food and bask in the silence that descends whilst travelling the Great Glen. We will fill our hearts with the fragrance; that can only be found in the land of purple heather. Meditate on Iona, and sing the songs that stir the hearts longing to break free.

Finally we will march into Stirling with the magnificence of the it’s castle and monuments, the history of the fight for freedom and the stories of William Wallace and his companions.

Then we close the circle of our journey making a visit to Roslyn Chapel which resonates with the crown Chakra in the pilgrimage trail of the Knights Templar.

There will of course be a few delightful surprises and time to Re-kindle the fire of the spirit and the passion for life. Reclaim the open fearless-ness of a loving heart. Rejoice in the good fortune to travel with loving companions

It is a journey to evoke and invoke peace and reverence, playfulness and irreverence. This is a time to dedicate our lives in the service to ourselves as the One. To let the land we know of as Scotland, provide us with potent transformational energy to fuel us to live as the divine beings that we are!

Scotland and the Magick Crew, invites you to lose your mind and find your soul.

In Anticipation
“The Magick Crew”
Tanmayo, Vera, Samyo, Chris and Tony.

Pilgrimage Dates: 10th to 17th September.
Starting in: Inverness (Scotland)
Finishing in: Edinburgh (Scotland)
Investment: *€2180.oo early bird By June 1st 2007 (non-refundable deposit €800.oo)
*€2480.oo if paid after June 1st.

Please send your registration to Sabine at fhpinfo@facialharmony.com

(*The price does not include cost of flights to or from Scotland)

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